What’s Better Than A Tall Glass Of Ice Cold Pink Lemonade?


What’s Better Than A Tall Glass Of Ice Cold Pink Lemonade?

Pink Lemonade. The newest color addition to the Pure Beauty Orchid Colorfuze Collection.

We all remember what it was like to be a kid as school let out and summertime finally arrived, it was magic! And one of the best memories of summer was always a tall, refreshing glass of ice-cold pink lemonade.


Presenting the Pink Lemonade Colorfuze orchid from Pure Beauty: A brilliant pink hue with a dash of yellow, its our pick for the Colorfuze of the Year! Sweeter, more refreshing and positively indulgent.

Everyone would be thrilled to get one, ask your local flower retailer for our exclusive Pink Lemonade orchid from Plainview Growers.

Aneta Zurawski

Aneta is your "go-to" person here at Plainview who will answer your questions on how to best care for your gorgeous new Plainview Growers plant. She wears many hats, and serves as our photographer, plant stylist and nascent flower blogger.

  • Sandy Hill
    Posted at 7:23 PM, April 20, 2015

    When do I transplant my orchids? Help

    • Posted at 1:35 PM, April 23, 2015

      Hi Sandy!

      The best time to repot is after the plant has bloomed and is beginning a new growth cycle, a new leaf or a new root. An orchid should be repotted if the growth for the next cycle is climbing over the edge and out of the pot. As a practical matter, orchid roots that grow outside the pot have a tendency to get bumped and broken or to attach themselves firmly to the outside of the pot or to neighboring pots. To keep this kind of scraggly growth controlled, repot and position the orchid so that it can grow for a year or two before climbing out of the pot again. This information and more can be found at http://www.repotme.com. Although we grow orchids, they are never around long enough for us to have to repot them!

  • mary
    Posted at 9:56 PM, May 10, 2015

    I just got the most beautiful pink orchid as a gift. Please let me know the best lighting for the nightime. Can I leave the orchid in a dark room ever? Now that summer is approaching and the humidity is high how will that affect the pink orchid and should I give it special care? Must the orchid be in a sunny spot during the day at all times? Thanks for your help Also I cannot find OrchidMyst Can I use a general item like Miracle grow Orchid Spray?

    • Posted at 4:33 PM, May 11, 2015

      Mary, it is quite ok to leave the orchid in the dark. It does not require 24 hours of light. You can leave the orchid in a somewhat sunny spot. You need to be careful not to sunburn the orchid leaves. Since orchids are considered tropical plants, a bit of humidity is ok, that is how we grow them here in our greenhouse. Most important piece of information is not to over-water your orchid! Our orchids are grown in moss, which does not require as much water as orchids in bark. As far as using the Miracle Grow orchid spray, its not a question we can honestly answer as we do not use that product. Enjoy your Pink Lemonade!

      • mary
        Posted at 10:06 PM, May 11, 2015

        thank you for your reply my orchid has the most beautiful shade of pink and the flowers themselves are beautiful too. I want to buy the OrchidMyst that you recommend but I dont live near any stores that carry it

  • Colleen Loiselle
    Posted at 2:08 PM, May 15, 2016

    I need to order or buy somewhere in MA or NH the Pink Lemonade Orchid. I need it for MAY 20 (THIS fRIDAY)- my sister’s birthday.
    Where can I purchase it? She lives in the 03064 area code.

    • Posted at 10:43 AM, May 18, 2016


      You can try to Roche Bros or Mahoney’s Garden Centers in your area. They also take special orders.

  • Kristen
    Posted at 4:41 PM, June 9, 2019

    I got these for mother’s day they are lovely! I want to make sure that I can keep them coming back year after year. Am I right that these are phalaenopsis? And when should I expect it to show regrowth so I can replace it’s potting mix?

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