Caring For Your Greenplants

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Your Plainview Pure greenplants enjoy light and occasional watering

We have selected our green plants for them to be easy care and low water maintenance.


Most of our greenplants DO NOT require a lot of water.


  • Select an area in your house that gets adequate sunlight. Most plants thrive in bright light but will tolerate some shade.
  • Avoid putting the plant in direct sunlight.
  • Keep potting soil moist, but not wet. If your soil is either too dry or over watered, it can damage the plant’s roots and prevent the plant from growing. In some cases under or over watering your plant can also kill it.
  • Plants require periods of dryness between watering.
  • If you notice standing water in or under the the pot, empty it out, so that your plant is not sitting in it. Standing water can kill plants.

Sticking your finger
in the soil is one method you can use to determine how wet it is below the surface.  If you poke your finger into the soil up to your knuckle, you can feel if your plant needs more water. If the soil feels damp, then you do not need to water it. Over-watering can lead to rotting. If it feels dry then it is likely you need to water it.


  • Signs of over-watering include discolored leaves, lack of leaf growth, loss of leaves, and soft rotten patches.

Do not move
your plants around a lot, plants acclimate themselves to their surroundings and do not like to be moved around. This also includes putting it in a place where there would be a drastic change in temperature.



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