Caring For Your Cactus

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Your Plainview Pure cactus enjoy lots of sun, a warm climate and lots of humidity

Cacti are succulent perennial plants. Cactus comes from the Latin word ‘kaktus’ and are extremely versatile and hardy.


Cactus come in a variety of unique architectural shapes that, with their prickly forms, alluring, impressive flowers they become very charismatic and will be sure to become a household favorite!


Contrary to popular belief, not all cactus have prickly spines! Our Ceres Paolina, looks like a cactus but feels like a succulent. Cactus  are perfect addition for plant enthusiasts and easy-to-grow starter plants for beginners.


Cactus are low maintenance plants can thrive indoors with bright sun, little water, and proper drainage.


  • Cactus love the sun, but will be happy to grow indoors on a sunny windowsill. Intense direct sunlight can cause fading. Move to less light if this occurs.
  • Saturate the cactus when watering, and then wait for the soil to dry thoroughly before watering again. Do not let cactus sit in water. This will cause the cactus to be overwatered.
  • Spring to Fall, water every 3 weeks. Add diluted fertilizer, about ¼ strength.
  • Fall to Spring, water every 6 weeks, do not fertilize.
  • In cold winter climate, protect from freezing in area with bright lighting; it will thrive with minimal CARE.


We love that Cacti are fast becoming the new craze for a sunny windowsill, home office or a bright kitchen! It will occasionally surprise you with a beautiful showy flower…


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