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Super Hot Succulents Are Not Your Grandmother’s Spider Plant


Super Hot Succulents Are Not Your Grandmother’s Spider Plant

Succulents are not your Grandma’s spider plant.

They are the new hot trend that come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. Not only do they look good, they are hardy and strong as well. Perfect for the on-the-go type person who forgets to water their plants! Succulents require minimal care and watering, most plants need to be watered just once a month. They are highly tolerant of dryness and neglect.


Group several together for a striking showcase or use a single variety to make a bold statement that creates a distinctive focal point that enhances any room, windowsill or patio.


Succulents are so versatile they even look great combined with other plants-including orchids! With similar care needs, they are a natural pairing.

Aneta Zurawski

Aneta is your "go-to" person here at Plainview who will answer your questions on how to best care for your gorgeous new Plainview Growers plant. She wears many hats, and serves as our photographer, plant stylist and nascent flower blogger.


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