Presenting Water Pearl Beads, Your Orchids Best Friend


Presenting Water Pearl Beads, Your Orchids Best Friend

Water Pearl Beads have been very popular in Netherlands and throughout Europe. They have been proven to work well with orchids!

Care for the orchid is a little different than with orchids in ceramic, very minimal at that. Water Pearl Beads are environmentally safe and nontoxic, just like other potting mediums for orchids!

The water pearls provide the needed moisture for the orchid.  Minimal care is needed to keep this orchid looking its best.  Over time, the pearls will begin to shrink.  When this happens, carefully angle the glass and add about a ¼ cup of  water to the pearl beads.  The pearls will absorb the water and return to their full size in about 4-6 hours.  Once the pearls are full size, you may need to push the orchid down into the pearls until the roots are fully covered.

Simple and easy!

It’s important to NOT OVER WATER the orchid. Check the orchid  every 14 – 20 days.  Only add water when to the pearls when they have constricted.

Keep these other points mindful as well: Water pearls can be a choking hazard to small children.  Dispose of beads in trash; DO NOT FLUSH DOWN DRAINS.

Of course, enjoy your orchid!

Aneta Zurawski

Aneta is your "go-to" person here at Plainview who will answer your questions on how to best care for your gorgeous new Plainview Growers plant. She wears many hats, and serves as our photographer, plant stylist and nascent flower blogger.

  • Brian
    Posted at 6:11 PM, June 9, 2015

    Where can I buy more water pearls?

    • Posted at 9:16 AM, June 11, 2015

      Brian, you can try your local craft store like Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics. Online you can find it at

  • Tom
    Posted at 1:57 PM, February 2, 2016

    My beads are turning green,what can I do?

    • Posted at 1:47 PM, February 4, 2016


      Sorry to hear about your pearl beads turning green. The following are some instructions on what you can do :
      – Carefully remove the orchid from the vase and place it into another ceramic.
      – Next , empty the pearl beads into a strainer and gently wash them with a mild dish soap.
      – Place the beads back into the vase and let them grow and absorb water.
      – Once the pearls retain their shape, place the orchid carefully back into the vase.

      It is also important to remember not to keep the vase in direct sunlight.

  • Posted at 11:09 PM, April 14, 2016

    I constantly spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s posts
    all the time along with a cup of coffee.

  • Elena
    Posted at 9:08 PM, May 27, 2016

    I got an orchid with a note saying it is grown in water beads however there seems to be just a regular moss at the pot. Are the beads on the bottom? I can’t see through the container and the plastic one inside is so tight I can’t take it out.. Is it a mistake?

    • Posted at 4:12 PM, May 31, 2016


      Sorry for the confusion, it appears you received the wrong tag! We apologize for this mistake!

  • Kathy N
    Posted at 11:11 AM, April 26, 2017

    I just received a beautiful orchid in water beads. I am a bit confused because it says that the roots need to be covered with the beads, however, it looks as though the orchid itself is inside a small plastic cup inside the glass container it came in – do i remove it from the cup and place directly into the beads?

  • Gaz
    Posted at 6:56 PM, July 28, 2017

    I have a orchid (disclaimer; not one of yours) that was in a pot with dirt….well I say pot, it was a plastic bag with dirt and the orchid in it. anyways re potted it in to a glass vase with some water beads but I find only the top beads shrink – the bottom ones are still the regular, inflated size,whihc makes sense as the top are exposed to the air where as the bottom ones are covered by the roots and the other beads.

    should I add water to fill the vase then after 6 hours pour out the excess?
    this is OK when the plant is NOT in flower but hard to do when it is without loosing the flowers.

    I got around the beads turning green by wrapping a sheet of printer/copy paper (80gsm) around the vase, leaving just a small slit, pointing away form any sun light, that I can see the beads through so I know when it’s time to add more water you could print a design onto the paper first to make it look better then just a white page if you wanted 😉

  • Karen
    Posted at 1:04 PM, February 17, 2018

    How do you replant this type of orchids? My other orchids just have bark but this type has dirt as well.

  • Kate
    Posted at 3:47 AM, November 25, 2018

    Is there a spray i can use to induce propagation of my phals?

  • Katie Heimerl
    Posted at 4:46 PM, May 12, 2019

    The mini orchid I have appears to be in a tiny plastic pot which is surrounded by the water pearls. Can it stay in the little plastic pot?

  • Carolyn DuEsg
    Posted at 2:18 PM, May 15, 2019

    A few of the pearls have shrunk. Do I water it now or wait until they all have shrunk?

  • Sarah
    Posted at 6:17 PM, July 10, 2020

    Do you use fertilizer in the water beads at all?

  • Krys Malion
    Posted at 7:35 PM, December 22, 2021

    I just got an orchid in a tall glass vase which has glass beads in the bottom, how do I water it. Thanks. Krys

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