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Plainview Launches EasyCare, An Exciting New Addition To Our Eco-Friendly Line


Plainview Launches EasyCare, An Exciting New Addition To Our Eco-Friendly Line

Plainview Pure is proud to announce their new lineup of EasyCare plants for 2018

Our new line of eco-friendly plants are truly easy care! Hardy and durable, these plants perform well most anywhere. They enjoy filtered light and require very minimal watering. Exotic and contemporary looking, our EasyCare plants are sure to grab attention! Sold in both plastic grower pots and sleek ceramics.


Strong & Resilient, our EasyCare line of plants offer a unique and exotic look. From the deep rich spikes of Sansevieria – fanned, twisted, or grown into a braid. To the unusual look of Euphorbia and Adenium. These hardy and extremely low maintenance plants perform well most anywhere!


Our mission is to supply our customers with plant products of the highest quality at a competitive price, and to operate our business in a professional and profitable manner. We will constantly strive to provide superior service through the implementation of innovative ideas and technological advances necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market.

Our coordinated efforts will contribute to the success of our business partners and our employees by emphasizing quality, value, honesty, fairness and respect in every business situation.

That’s the Plainview Promise.


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  • JoAnn Ralstin
    Posted at 9:38 PM, January 28, 2019

    How much water do you use ever
    6 weeks for low water succulents?

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