How On Earth Do I Care For My Beautiful New Orchid?


How On Earth Do I Care For My Beautiful New Orchid?

Some of the most commonly asked questions by our customers are, “ How on earth do I care for my orchid, and How do I keep it alive?”

Once you received your orchid, the only thing you will have to worry about right now,  is watering it. PBO orchids are grown in moss, they will require water every 10-14 days depending on the conditions of their environment. Not too hot, cold or drafty.  While at the greenhouse, the orchid received all the nutrients it needed to come home to you to live well and be happy.

Here a few  tips to keep your orchid looking beautiful and  long lasting:

caring-for-your-pure-beauty-orchid-from-plainview-growers-01 A few blooms withering, you are  over watering your orchid. The good thing is that there are more healthy buds on there that will develop into beautiful blooms!







caring-for-your-pure-beauty-orchid-from-plainview-growers-02 Water emergency! Your orchid is dry and not looking good. If at all possible, take the orchid out of the ceramic and run it under lukewarm water. Let it drain and return it to the pot.







caring-for-your-pure-beauty-orchid-from-plainview-growers-03 If your orchid leaf looks like this, it could mean it’s diseased. Fortunately, if it is contained to just this one area , you can cut off the leaf.







caring-for-your-pure-beauty-orchid-from-plainview-growers-04Bud drop is a typical sign of the orchids being transported from place to place with different temperatures. As much as we try for it not to happen, orchid plants stress too. The other blooms should look healthy and no longer give you trouble.

Consistent temperature and watering will help to keep your orchid happy. The biggest tip of all is to enjoy the beauty of the plant!

Aneta Zurawski

Aneta is your "go-to" person here at Plainview who will answer your questions on how to best care for your gorgeous new Plainview Growers plant. She wears many hats, and serves as our photographer, plant stylist and nascent flower blogger.

  • Claire benell
    Posted at 4:12 PM, June 15, 2015

    I just purchased mini orchid from Health Foods. It was infected and I returned it and they replaced it for a double spike with 6 blooms in all. My problem is after enjoying the new plant it started to drop blooms and now a spike turned yellow so I cut it down leaving me only one bloom and a small leave turning yellow. What is wrong?

    • Posted at 10:05 AM, June 16, 2015

      Claire, Sorry to hear about your troubles and glad to hear the store replaced it. When the store replaced the orchid, did you happen to check if it was over watered or sitting in water? What you are explaining sounds like over watering. Blooms dropping, yellowing spike prime example of too much water. If the small leaf is under all the big green leaves, not to worry as long as the bigger leaves are big and healthy. We would suggest testing the moss to see if the orchid has too much water or sitting in water, if so, let the orchid dry out for a bit. If it is in a ceramic pot and the ceramic pot has water under the plastic pot, empty the water out. If there are no longer buds and just a bloom on your orchid wait for the bloom to drop and cut down the spike. Care for the orchid as you would if it had flowers on it and you should get a couple of new spikes to grow in a few short months!

  • Judi Galyardt
    Posted at 4:15 PM, June 16, 2015

    How do I know when to transplant my orchids to a larger pot?

    • Posted at 8:54 AM, June 23, 2015


      You’ll know when the new growth of orchid roots start coming above the pot. One or two roots are ok. When the bottom of the orchid plant starts looking like a stalk, it’s time to replant!

  • Raiz
    Posted at 3:02 PM, March 7, 2017

    I just received baby phals in water beads for my birthday two weeks ago. I did some outside research and saw people repotting orchids and putting them in moss and tree bark mediums. Am I supposed to repot the phals now? Should I be taking them out of the small clear plastic pot it came in? If so, what do I do with the water beads? I’m just concerned the roots are not getting enough oxygen. Will the water beads result in root rot?

  • Posted at 2:47 AM, June 30, 2017

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  • Rosella Wilson
    Posted at 3:55 PM, June 25, 2018

    Is it OK to transplant your orchid in bark

  • Joan Tolmayer
    Posted at 11:00 AM, May 9, 2020

    I just received my first orchid and was told to water by simply putting an ice cube on the moss once a week. Can that work or will it harm the plant?

    • Charlie Affel
      Posted at 10:30 PM, June 22, 2023

      This is a homespun idea which was spread to prevent over-watering, but not a good one. (cold for a semi tropical plant ?)
      Just make sure the pot or double pots have drainage holes and then drench and drain once a week.
      Mist them as often as you can remember.

    Posted at 8:39 AM, May 23, 2020

    I purchased my orchid 1 year ago from Giant. Its so big …it’s time to replant. how to transplant?

  • Kaye
    Posted at 4:27 PM, July 10, 2020

    I received an orchids and it doesn’t not smell, why is that ?

  • Judy Felton
    Posted at 3:10 PM, August 30, 2021

    I received my orchid on the 22nd of August. It had 4 leaves and I noticed one leaf was turning yellow and soon it came off. Another leaf is in the process of doing the same thing and will eventually come off. The 2 remaining leaves are nice and green . What is happening to these leaves. It is now August 30th and I have not watered it yet. What should I be doing?

  • Jennalyn Valitutto
    Posted at 4:43 PM, June 17, 2022

    Hi!! My orchid is wilting at the top.. well the flower might either be at end of life or over watered. I have drained the extra water and let it air out. If I cut the drooping blooms off will new ones grow? I do not want to cut the stem because there are other blooms below it !!

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