Releasing the Designer Within You


Releasing the Designer Within You

Have you ever just looked at your PB Orchid and thought “I’d like to get creative with it?”  You often see phalaenopsis designs in floral arrangements but for a single orchid it can be a bit more trying.

As Lead Designer at PBO , I often think “out of the box” and try new ideas. You can too! You can try different pots or accents that would make your friends envious of your design skills! Some ideas to experiment with would be different pots, such as an antique cache that you happen to have sitting empty. Get extra crafty and spray paint a terracotta pot to match the décor in your bathroom.

Play mix-and-match with green plants in your house and a PB orchid to create an extraordinary centerpiece. Some house plants like a bromeliad or succulent types require the same amount of water as orchids so these would work with a PBO. We all have a creative side, why not explore and try it?

Need more inspiration? Try a site like Pinterest or contact us here at

Good luck with your design!

Aneta Zurawski

Aneta is your "go-to" person here at Plainview who will answer your questions on how to best care for your gorgeous new Plainview Growers plant. She wears many hats, and serves as our photographer, plant stylist and nascent flower blogger.

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  • gloria brague
    Posted at 2:31 PM, June 13, 2014

    Do u wholesale and if so what is ur minimum order. Thanks

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