The Colorfuze Blue Diamond

Ever hear of a Blue Diamond?

The luster it illuminates is so rare and exotic that every woman wants one!

Blue Diamond is in our collection of orchids called Colorfuze. Lavender Mist, Yellow Tropic, Purple Fusion and Lime Light are a prominent part to our Colorfuze collection as well.

What is Colorfuze?

Is that a natural color?  A selection of Pure Beauty Orchids is treated with an exclusive process that infuses color throughout the flower. It inputs gorgeous tones into the orchid that  do not bleed or extract.  The vibrant hues cascade into softer pastel tones as new buds open down the spine of the plant. Colorfuze orchids bewitch and mesmerize throughout their growing cycle. This exclusive and exceptional orchid will charm and dazzle orchid lovers!

Plainview Growers
  • Danielle
    Posted at 7:30 PM, February 18, 2014

    I absolutely love my Blue Diamond Orchid!! Sadly after 3 days the blooms withered away. Is there anything I can do besides fertilizer and Orchid Mist food to help it bloom ?

    • Posted at 3:24 PM, February 19, 2014

      Unfortunately, at this point there is not much more you can do with the orchid. If it still has buds on the spine, continue to care for it and the blooms should open. If the buds are yellow-ish and shriveled, it means its time to cut the stem of the orchid. Maintain the same care, keep it in the same spot (filtered sunlight if possible)and a new stem should re-grow! The re-growth on the orchid will be white flowers. Good luck!

  • F. Michaud
    Posted at 3:45 PM, May 12, 2014


  • Pam
    Posted at 2:35 AM, June 26, 2015

    I finally bought my first blue orchid I understand that after this bloom dies off and re blooms it will be white How do I get the rich blue color back Is there a dye that is put in the water and roots is this a special dye I want to have it blue again next year it is disappointing to lose such a rich color so whats the secret to having such a beautifull color I would buy the item to use thanks

    • Posted at 10:03 AM, June 30, 2015

      Pam, Unfortunately, the blue dye is a patented process we use to obtain that rich blue color on the orchid. We do not sell the dye separately to our customers. Thanks for asking!

      • Martin Betchy
        Posted at 10:57 PM, May 8, 2020

        I can’t find blue colorfuze orchids anywhere, is there somewhere u can point me to to purchase?

  • Marlene
    Posted at 3:38 PM, March 8, 2019

    When buying my orchid it came with a hay type of lining. Should I remove it?

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