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Slide Into Spring With Our Sweet And Refreshing Cool Peppermint Colorfuze Orchids


Slide Into Spring With Our Sweet And Refreshing Cool Peppermint Colorfuze Orchids

Something new is Blooming at Plainview Growers! Introducing our latest ColorFuze Orchid Color, Cool Peppermint. 

ColorFuze orchids start with our premium 5” orchids. We then inject a patented, non-toxic dye into the stems. The dye infuses through the flowers and buds, creating a deep rich color with stunning variations in the trailing buds.



We are only one of three licensed U.S. producers of dye-infused orchids. ColorFuze orchids are available year round. With eight colors available, there is always a perfect choice for any season!

Most dye-injected orchids utilize a single color, but through Plainview’s proprietary process, we have now added a second color. The warm pinkish-red hues branch through the cool blue color making this a new and refreshing way to enjoy a peppermint!

These beautiful orchids are now shipping for Mother’s Day.




Plainview Growers
  • Pat
    Posted at 10:44 PM, May 3, 2018

    Orchids are beautiful on their own without resorting to artificial coloring

  • Gina
    Posted at 6:29 PM, February 15, 2020

    Hi , I bought the solid purple orchid and it bloomed for me twice already but now it has some sticky honey all over and it is drying out. Please give me some tips on how and what to buy to replant it and cure it!
    Thank you

  • James Plourde
    Posted at 5:38 AM, May 1, 2020

    Can I purchase colorfuze orchids from you directly?

  • Tracey
    Posted at 4:39 PM, April 20, 2021

    These are beautiful. I soooo want these!!!!!

  • Posted at 10:51 AM, May 9, 2021

    It would be nice to know what Orchid species these are, I mean the label and everywhere in this website I can read all about the fake color infused into the poor plant but I found nothing about specie information. I wish plants weren’t treated like these, they are gorgeous w.o coloring chemicals I don’t understand what’s the purpose.

  • Posted at 2:26 AM, September 3, 2021

    These are all so amazing!

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